Non Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition

Envirotech make Non Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition are manually operated sliding partition to manage space with divide large space into small space or connect small space into large space at any time according to needs. It can play a role of multi-purpose in one hall or one room.

Envirotech Systems Limited, a leading player in the industry, has emerged as a trailblazer with its innovative Non-Acoustic Sliding Folding Partitions. Envirotech Systems Limited understands that spaces need to be versatile. Acoustic Sliding Folding Partitions are the perfect answer to this need.

These partitions are designed to seamlessly divide or merge spaces as per the requirements, providing a dynamic approach to space management. Envirotech is poised to continue revolutionizing the way we think about and utilize space in the modern world. As the demand for adaptable spaces continues to grow, Envirotech stands ready to meet these evolving needs, one partition at a time.


  • Door Type: Acoustic Folding Partition
  • Thickness: 19mm
  • Frame Material: Aluminium & G.I.
  • Operation of Panel: Manually operated
  • Panel Finish: Raw MDF
  • Stacking Arrangement: Center & Side Stacking
  • Track Type: Aluminium Extruded Track in Natural Anodized finish


Auditorium, Conference hall, Hotels, Malls, Educational Buildings, Office, Cafes, Meeting Rooms, Restaurant, Corporate, and Banquet halls.

Available Finishes:

  • Laminate (Century, Green, or Marino)
  • Fabric (Color Fab, Response, NexGen)
  • Veneer (Century, Green, or Marino)
  • Polyester board, Grooved slates, Glass, Leather, Wallpaper, or as required by the client.
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