Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition

Envirotech Systems Limited Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition is a flush acoustic folding for space management, which enables utmost operational ease to customers. It’s hung from a ceiling track or propped up with the help of a low-profile surface-mounted floor track.

The Acoustic Sliding Folding system is a lightweight, robust, and versatile partitioning system. This partition system can be manufactured in any configuration of end-fold or center-fold to meet the parking requirements. It’s perfect for use in schools, offices, waiting rooms, and many other industries.

Double Acoustic seals fit around these sliding folding partition walls to impart the highest level of acoustic integrity. This fitting also achieves the desired acoustic integrity between flanking rooms.

The Sliding Partition offers a sleek solution for managing space while providing customers with unparalleled operational convenience. It can be suspended from a ceiling track or supported by a discreet, low-profile surface-mounted floor track.

To guarantee excellent acoustic performance, the Sliding Partition incorporates dual PVC seals that envelop the folding partition walls seamlessly, ensuring the highest level of sound insulation. This fitting also ensures the desired acoustic integrity between adjacent rooms.

Our folding partitions come in two configurations: center-fold or end-fold, accommodating various parking needs. All panels maintain consistent hinges, with the lead panel provided as a standard pass door for effortless access.

Suitable for height 2m – 6m., Max sound rating 50DB, Load weight limit 450kg/m, Applied to Training Room, Meeting Room Conference Room, etc.

Acoustic Partitions Manufacturer

Enhance your space with our range of innovative partition solutions, including Acoustic Sliding Folding Partitions, Acoustic Partitions, Sliding Folding Partitions, Acoustic Glass Sliding Folding Partitions, and Wall Partitions. Whether you’re designing an office space, a conference room, or a classroom, our partitions offer the versatility and functionality you need.

Our Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition provide the perfect balance between flexibility and sound management, seamlessly transitioning between open-plan layouts and segmented spaces while enhancing privacy and acoustics. Create quiet zones and collaborative areas with our Acoustic Partitions, designed to effectively manage sound and customize to suit your space’s aesthetic and acoustic requirements. Maximize floor space with our Sliding Folding Partitions, enabling effortless transitions between configurations without sacrificing functionality or style.

For a modern touch, explore our Acoustic Glass Sliding Folding Partitions, combining elegance with acoustic performance ideal for office environments and conference rooms. Lastly, our Wall Partitions offer traditional space division options, allowing for customization with solid walls or translucent panels to divide large spaces or create designated areas within open-plan layouts seamlessly. Invest in versatile partition solutions to enhance both functionality and aesthetics, unlocking the full potential of your environment with seamless transitions, improved acoustics, and enhanced privacy.


Auditorium, Shops, Malls, Hotel, Garage, Restaurant, Conference Room, Office, Gym, School, Lecture Hall, Theaters, Banquet hall Etc.

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