Movable Wall Acoustic Partition

Envirotech Systems Limited specializes in the production of Movable Wall Acoustic Partition. A versatile solution for dividing workspaces, enhancing layout flexibility, and ensuring privacy is the Movable Wall. By enabling the easy relocation of wall panels, it allows you to adapt your space as needed, whether it’s for cleaning up or rearranging desks, making it convenient for students to return their chairs to their proper places.

Our Movable Walls are meticulously designed to meet the unique requirements of our customers. They can serve various purposes, including meeting rooms, convention centers, showrooms, and more. Our custom Movable Wall systems are crafted based on our client’s specifications, offering high-quality services at competitive prices throughout India.

These Movable Wall Partitions can be provided in either center-fold or end-fold configurations to accommodate various parking needs. All panels remain consistently hinged, and the leading panel is supplied as a standard pass door for easy access.

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