Acoustic Glass Sliding Folding Partition

Envirotech Systems Limited Acoustic Glass Sliding Folding Partition is a product that offers you nearly limitless possibilities for the design of your space. It gives you a high-quality appearance and creates bright, open spaces. It enables you to work undisturbed and in peace, which is an ideal condition for an office or any other space.

Glass partition made out of 12mm thick Glass, Aluminum Channel Profile, Fixed Telescopic panels at the end of the panel, and retractable seals at the Top and Bottom to control the sound.  Glass Sliding Partition max height is up to 3000mm, Weight up to 40 kg, Door width max 1100mm.

Acoustic Glass Sliding Folding Partitions is a highly versatile material that offers an extensive range of possibilities for designing your space. It not only provides a premium appearance but also fosters bright and open environments, making it particularly suitable for offices and various other settings where peace and focus are essential.

Depending on your specific requirements, you can choose from a diverse selection of glass partition walls. These options encompass simple single-glazed glass partitions with minimal sound insulation to advanced double-glazed alternatives that prioritize both acoustic performance and aesthetics.

Each type of glass partition wall can be tailored to your personal preferences, ensuring a unique and customized solution. The superior quality of the components used, including top-grade aluminum alloys, tracks, wheeled trolleys, hinges, and locks, guarantees a high level of convenience and user-friendliness.

Envirotech Systems Limited is the premium choice in India for acoustic glass sliding folding partitions, offering a wide range of solutions that enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of interior spaces.

Our acoustic glass sliding folding partitions are designed to seamlessly divide spaces while providing exceptional sound insulation. They are ideal for various commercial applications, including offices, conference rooms, and hotels.

Envirotech Systems Limited is your trusted partner for Acoustic Glass Sliding Folding Partition. Elevate your spaces with our innovative solutions that seamlessly blend design, functionality, and acoustic performance.

Hardware Specifications:

Full corrosion resistant construction 316 Marine grade SS & aluminum parts for improved Strength.


Auditorium, Conference hall, Hotels, Malls, Educational Buildings, Office, Cafes, Meeting Rooms, Restaurant, Corporate, Banquet halls etc.

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